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2023 Summer Spartans “Prepare for Battle”

Alexandria, Virginia, June 5, 2023 – Our 2023 Summer Spartans (interns) arrived shortly before 8:00am and were greeted by Scott King, Invictus’ Chief Security Officer, and head of the Invictus internship program.

In the past two years, Scott has focused significant effort on expanding and improving the Invictus summer internship program.  His efforts are paying dividends, with this year’s class of participants being the largest and most qualified thus far.

Interns start on their first day getting a full indoctrination into all things Invictus; security regulations, HR onboarding, IT service and equipment, as well as a full corporate overview along with clients and major program activities. The afternoon is filled with getting to know each other and their Program Mentors though a series of team building sessions. By initiating their clearance processing early and due to improved government processing times, all started their Summer with at least a basic clearance with a few even being fully special program indoctrinated.

Working with our Software Development Director, the initial tasking for the group is a project broken into many parts with each using their skills to contribute toward a common S/W application. While learning about “sprints” and “checkpoints”, the group has 10 days to complete this initial task before actually making a formal presentation to government clients. Brown bag lunches are held every 2 weeks featuring talks by full-time Invictus staff that have unique specialty skills in the areas of Reverse Engineering, Business Development, Tactical Operations, and Information Assurance to include new Zero Trust methods in System Architecture Design. The group is also hosted by our CEO for a luncheon to provide what makes Invictus so exceptional and different from other firms that conduct similar work. Two are returning for a second Summer while the others are a mix of rising seniors and juniors to ensure continuity of the program and form the basis for a “pipeline” of talent to fill the many upcoming needs of existing and new contracts. Our retention rate for the program into full-time employment opportunities after graduation is about 90%.

This year’s class of Summer Spartans come from Louisiana Tech, Duke, George Mason, and UMBC.  Their major areas of study include Computer Science, Cyber Security, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, and Mathematics.

About Invictus International Consulting

Invictus is an award-winning cybersecurity services and technology solutions company that provides elite cyber talent to the National and Homeland Security communities, and commercial clientele. Invictus is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and was founded by military veterans.