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Cloud Security and App Modernization

Invictus’ cloud and software engineers integrate security throughout the solutions we provide at an agency and enterprise level.  We continue to modernize applications for several US Government customers and are successfully integrating these applications into multi-cloud environments.  Our data scientists and engineers work closely with software engineers and end users to ensure data from multiple interagency sources and cloud environments is securely migrated during new development efforts and modernization efforts.  Industry partnerships with companies like AWS allow Invictus cybersecurity and software engineers to deliver streamlined solutions to our customers, which include a major intelligence agency, FAA, and Air Force Weather.

AWS/C2S Integration
Invictus is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner and has AWS certified software engineers and cyber security engineers that have years of experience both modernizing legacy applications and integrating new applications for use and interoperability with the AWS/Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) cloud.  Our engineers and security staff have developed and authorized hundreds of applications that share data and are integrated with the AWS/C2S cloud.


Application Modernization for Cloud and Multi-Level Security Solutions
As our customers move to hybrid cloud environments, Invictus brings lessons learned from several successful completed modernization efforts for US government clients including both mission applications and business applications.  Our engineers have years of lessons learned in cloud integration and specialize in implementing and authorizing cross-domain solutions to address multi-level security requirements.  Our cross-domain team is one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry that has developed, integrated, or authorized almost every cross-domain technology approved or currently in use by the US Government.
Software Engineering
Invictus uses a DevOps methodology to develop, maintain, and continuously improve applications using the continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). We incorporate ITIL principles across Agile SW development actions to enhance DevOps activities and our software engineers have been successfully delivering and sustaining applications for our customers for over 7 years.  Our engineering team has developed applications while integrated into customer environments and at our corporate offices in Invictus hosted, corporate cloud environments.


Data Science and Data Security
Invictus integrates data scientists on several information technology and analysis programs that look at data types, data security, and data sharing to share data more rapidly, and ensure it is accessible, as part of a data fabric environment/enterprise.   Our data scientists and data security experts bring cloud and hybrid-cloud experience and have streamlined data access for several programs and applications while ensuring data security, regardless of customer cloud or even multi-level security requirements.  Advanced technology areas Invictus is working on include applying quantum security research and technology to our customer’s enterprise.


AI/ML Integration
Invictus has successfully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) technologies in several applications we’ve developed and fielded for our customers saving thousands of man-hours.  Our software engineering teams successfully fielded a new application that saved over 2,000 man-hours allowing analysts to focus more on analyzing data, vice searching, finding, and organizing data.  Invictus also teams with cutting-edge AI/ML technology companies that have proven, trained algorithms to bring transformative technologies to our clients.  Invictus’ lab has also begun research to apply advanced AI/ML to cybersecurity mission areas.